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Moonlight Moonlight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Powerful movie!!!

Graphics - 10 Superbly drawn animation.

Style -10 Well scripted production!! Your overall theme of revenge and sacrifice was readily apparent throughout the beautiful screenplay.

Sound - 10 Great soundtrack for your short film!!! At the end of the flash animation, the images and the music gave me goose bumps.

Violence - 6 Although there was violence in the short animation, it was not excessive, but artistic. Well done!!

Interactivity - 0 No interactivity as it is obvious that a short film such as this is not supposed to be the gaming sense of the word.

Humor - 0 Not a funny film...but as with interactivity, it is not meant to be.

Overall - 10 This was simply the most powerful animation besides Broken Saints I have seen on newgrounds and to emphasize my point, this is the first review I have left for an NG animation. I have been a member of NG for over a year now and I guess I must have been waiting for that one animation that would strike me as a beautiful piece of art in this medium. Placing Broken Saints on its own realm, this animation is at the top of my list of great animations. You did well capturing the drama and the passion of vengeance in the wake of the greatest sacrifice. BRAVO!!!!!

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